Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Casual Chess Night 032519 Had Ten Players - and Club Events Update!

Chess is a fun and sociable game for everyone!

A nice night of chess this evening with ten participants.

The annual Club Officers Meeting will be held this Wednesday Night. The meeting minutes will be shared with the Club on this blog after that meeting.

Without further adieu, here is the latest Club Events update:

Livingston County Chess Club Events and News
  1. Next Event - April 15th  - 960 Tournament – 45 minute game – 5 second delay if possible.
We will play 3 or 4 rounds - depending on the number of entries.
Sorry for the wrong information on the original post. 
Kid’s Night on April 8th.
  1. Ladder Tournament – is up and running!
Rules are available by the sign in sheet.
You simply look at who is in attendance that is above you on the Ladder and challenge them to a game! If you win, you move to the space above them. If you draw, you move to the space below them. If you lose, you stay where you are! It’s just a fun little motivation to have when playing your casual games! Ladder Rules will be available at the Club!
  1. Membership Dues and Election of Officers Time Again – April 1 thru April 22
To become a “Regular” Member of the Club, dues are $20 per year. This entitles the Member to run for any office for the Club (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary or Tournament Director). A Regular Member also can attend any Board Meeting of the Officers. The time and place of any Baord meeting will be given to the Regular Members ahead of time.
All Club dues collected are used for Club supplies, advertising and event hosting – such as simultaneous exhibitions or lectures by Masters or other higher caliber players that may require an appearance fee.
  1. Club Election – April 29
Voting for officers is done by a Regular Member writing their selections on an index card supplied by the Club and placing it in an envelope also supplied by the club. The member simply marks the envelope with a “V” to show it is a vote envelope, and drops it in the Club Senior Center Collection cigar box.
Upcoming Local Tournaments
April 6 – 7 – 2019 Michigan Senior Championship
April 7 – Lansing Mini-Swiss
April 14 – TYASCC Quads – Troy Public Library
April 16 – Genessee County CC Quick Swiss – Eastside Senior Center, Flint
April 20 - Thinkers Challenge - Detroit
April 27 - Canton Chess Tournament - Cherry Hill School, Canton
May 5 -  Lansing Mini-Swiss
May 18 -  Canton Chess Tournament - Cherry Hill School, Canton
May 18 - 2nd Annual Grand Rapids Spring Classic - New City Church, Grand Rapids
May 19 -  TYASCC Quads – Troy Public Library
May 21 -  Genessee County CC Blitz Championship – Eastside Senior Center, Flint
June 8 – 9 – 2019 Michigan Amateur – Lansing
July 20 - 21 - 2019 Michigan Bottom Half Class Championship - Lansing

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