Tuesday, May 29, 2018

2018 LCCC Club Championship Final Round Pairings are Here

The final round pairings are below. It has been another exciting and close competition. We have three players tied at the top and two more players a half point behind.

And the K-12 section of the tournament is also very close. Stop by and watch the exciting last round this Monday Night - May 7.

And don't forget our Kid's Night on May 14th. As the school year ends, many chess programs close for the summer. Not at LCCC! We are here every Monday night (except of course for holidays), and our special Kid's Night is the 2nd Monday of every night. See you at the Club! 

Here are the pairings with the player playing White listed first:

Board 1 - Don M vs Ken T
Board 2 - Mike N vs Vince V
Board 3 - Paul M vs Petro K
Board 4 - Don J vs Justin D
Board 5 - Ethan J vs Josef M
Board 6 - Brandon D vs Joey O

Good luck to all the players!

White to move and get a winning game!

And here is a puzzle for you to solve from the 2007 Isle of Mann International Open tournament. USA GM James Tarjan - playing White - found this winning line.

Can you?

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  1. There is a neat maneuver to win a black rook: 1. Re2+ Kd6, 2. Rf6+ Kc7 (Forced. If 2. .. Kd7 then 3. Rxf7 wins.) 3. Re7+! Kb8 (Again, 3. .. Rd7 fails to 4. Rxd7+ and 5. Rxf7+) 4. Re8+! Kb7 5. Rxf7+ Kb6 6. Re6+ and black must lose material.