Friday, December 1, 2017

Eleven Players on 112717 as LCCC Action Tourney Rd 1 Completes

White to move and get a big advantage.

Black to move and get a big advantage.
We had eleven players this evening as we welcomed back Tim R! He stopped by to get some casual chess in.

Tim moved to the north east side of town for work and the commute stops his regular participation. Welcome back Tim.

Round 2 of the LCCC Action Tournaments begins next Monday. Casual play and lessons will be moved to the round tables until the 'action' is complete.

The round will begin no later than 7pm and probably 6:30  is the real start time. Players can always start early if both decide to play.

Our Kid's Night will be on December 11th and we hope to see more youngsters make an appearance.

Check out the local Chess Tournament action listed on the Michigan Chess Calendar website listed on the right side of the blog. Here is a partial list:

Dec. 2 - Michigan Action Championship, Ann Arbor

Dec. 8 - Aspen Knights Quads, Ann Arbor

Dec. 9 - K-12 Championship, All the Kings Men, Roseville
Dec. 9 - Canton Quads, Canton

Dec 19 - Genessee Action Quads, Flint

And the event your scribe will be attending for sure -

Jan 13-14 - The 2018 Michigan Master/Expert and Class Championship, Lansing, Radisson Hotel

Here are a couple of puzzles for your enjoyment.

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