Sunday, August 6, 2017

Remember - Next Kid's Night August 14th!

Telephone chess. Thank God for the internet!
Our club is open every Monday night except on holidays or when schools are closed for weather during the school year.

We don't have that issue in the summer.

Stop by any Monday for a fun evening of casual chess.

 Or have a lesson or game review if you want one. There is always someone willing to help you.

Here is an interesting finish to a game played by members at the club:

We pick up the action after a misstep by Black with 15. .....d4?

White is in control with the extra pawn, the bishop pair and better rook play available. Black has only a semi-passed pawn and a better pawn structure.

Holding for a draw seems to be in order. Trading off one of your assets is not a good plan.

White is up by +2.5 pawns at this juncture, by factoring in his positional clout also.

White's best play now is to attack with 16. f5 or b4.

16. exd4       Qxd4
17. Qxd4      Bxd4
18. c3           Bc5
19. b4           Bb6
20. f5?          ...........

Too aggressive now by White without his queen, Bringing in more troops with 20. Rad1 was stronger. (White up +1.5).

20. .....        Ne7
21. c4         h5
22. Bh3      Rfe8
23. Bh4?     .......

White continues to attack without all of his army. 23. Rad1 is screaming to be played. White's lead is shrinking (+1) as we are positionally even.

23. ......      Rac8??

This looks best for Black's position, but it gives White a tactical shot.
Black was looking at what move best helped his position and not at what his opponent might have in response to it.
This 'dropping of our guard' happens many times after just getting out of trouble. Sometimes after just getting out of a little fix, we step into a big one.
Needed was 23. ......Rad8 24. Rad1, c5 25. Rxd8, Bxd8 (+1.1 instead of +4.5 as it stands now.)

24. Bxe7!      Rxe7
25. f6            Re6
26. Bxe6       fxe6
27. Rad1       Resigns

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