Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sorry - Life Got in the Way of Chess Posting - 061917

Tom considers his next move in tournament action.
Readers, your humble scribe needs to apologize for the lack of articles lately. Life, work vacation, and a cold all got in the way of chess writing.

But......the Club has been moving right along. We had another Kid's night which brought us another five new members! That brought the total number of players to 17!

Our next Kid's Night is July 10. It is a great opportunity for kids to meet and play other kids! If we can get some commitment for regular attendance, LCCC would like to offer a free chess tournament with prizes for all. See club officers for details.

We will let the public know if we can be open on July 3 for a regular club night. Everyone is welcome on those nights also!

1. d4           d5
2. e3           c6
3. Bd3        Nf6
4. Ne2        Bg4
5. f3           Bh5
6. Ng3        Bg6
7. O-O       Bxd3
8. Qxd3      e6
9. Nd2        Qc7
10. c4         Bd6
11. f4          Nbd7
12. Nf3       c5
13. cxd5      c4
Black threatens to win material with 14. ....c4xd3.

14. Qc2       exd5
15. Ne5       O-O
White to make move 16.

The game is even at this point. White might have considered 15. e4, dxe4 16. Nxe4.

16. Nf5        Ne4
Black's position is more active. White should have tried 16. Bd2. For Black, 16. ....Nxe5? is seductive, however 17. fxe5, Bxe5 18. dxe5 and White would be up (+2.3).

17. Nxd6     Qxd6
For Black, maybe the natural is better 17. ....Nxd6  18. b3, f6 19. Nxd7, Qxd7 20. Ba3 (-.6). Instead Black is up a half-pawn (-.5).

18. Nxc4     Qc7
19. Na3       Qxc2
20. Nxc2     Nb4
21. Nb4       Ndf6
According to Igor3000, the game is even - with perfect play. But for us mortals it looks like Black's king is safer and White's position is cramped. Cramped positions usually lead to mistakes as the player tries to get some room and counterplay.

22. Nd3        Rc2
23. Ne5?      Rfc8
White ignores the peril of the invasion of his second rank (-1).

24. g4??       Re2
Black's lead now is a killer (-4). White goes after counter play when his king screams for defense with 24. Nd3.

25. g5            Rcc2
26. Nf3          Ng4
27. Bd2?        Nxd2
It doesn't matter at this point but 27. Ne1 was much better (-10).

28. Rac1        Nxf3+
29. White resigns

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