Friday, March 3, 2017

Quiet Night at LCCC - 022717

The cold and blistery weather may have hampered attendance. Your humble scribe had to work OT and could not even be at his favorite location on Monday night.

This game is not a classic, but it does ....indirectly......shows the beauty of chess.

1. d4         f5
2. Bf4       Nf6
3. e3         e6
4. Nf3       d5
5. Be2       Bd6
6. Ne5       O-O
7. Nd2       c5
8. c3          Nc6
9. O-O      Qe8

You cannot see it without a computer, but there has not been a "best move" made yet in this game. Matter of fact, many of the moves were not in the top 3. However, none of the moves were 'bad' and were actually less than (.2) of a pawn from the best move.

This is why chess is such a great game. No two games are ever the same.

White is up (.8) of a pawn, according to Igor3000. As a matter of fact, in this position, there are now 15 possible moves for White that do not destroy his current positional advantage.

However, at this point, Black begins to really drift from the top move list.
10. Ndf3        h6?!
11. Nh4         Bxe5?!
Screaming to be played by Black was 11. .....g4.

12. dxe5        Nd7
13. Bh5         Qd8
14. Ng6         Rf7
15. Qf3         Qc7?
16. Qg3         Nf8
17. Bxh6       gxh6???
18. Ne7+       Kh8
19. Qg8++

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