Thursday, January 5, 2017

LCCC Back on Monday January 9, 2017

We will be back this coming Monday in full force!

There will be tournament action, causal chess and lessons if that is what you want. Make a New Year's resolution to do your brain and your social calendar a favor and get to LCCC on Mondays.

But if you would like some chess action and a tactics lesson, show up tonight (this Thursday) at the Cromaine Library in downtown Hartland. This will run from 6:30 to 8pm. Its a kid's event but there are some chess playing parents there also.

Here is an on line rapid game that had some missed opportunities due to time pressure. Notes by Igor3000:

1. e4            d5
2. exd5       Qxd5
3. Nf3         Nf6
4. d4           Bf5
5. c4           Qd8
6. Nc3         e6
7. Bd3        Bxd3
8. Qxd3      Be7
Black has a cramped position. White is up a positional pawn (+1).

9. O-O         O-O
10. Bf4         c5
11. Rad1      cxd4
12. Nxd4     Nc6
13. Nxc6      bxc6
14. Qxd8      Rfxd8
15. b3?         Bb4
White to make move 16.

White has been drifting with no real plan and is throwing away his positional advantage. Better was 15. Bc7, Rdc8 16. Be5, Rd8 and White will still hold a (+.5) lead instead of the EVEN game White has now. Both players blunder as their clocks are running low.

16. Be5??      .........
Losing material with 16. .....Ng4! 17. a3, Ba5 18. b4, Nxe5 19. bxa5, Nxc4 20. Ne4, Nxa3 and White has a bad position also (-2.1).

16. ..........       Nd7??
Black returns the favor with a blunder of his own. Black threatens to win material with Nd7xe5 but misses his real opportunity as shown in the last paragraph. White now swings the game back in his favor (+.7).

17. Bc7        Bxc3?
The fatal blunder for Black. 17. ......Re8 and Black is still in the game. Instead (+2.3)

18. Bxd8+        Rxd8
19. Rd3            Bf6?    (+3.8)
20. Rfd1          Kf8
21. Rxd7          Rxd7
22. Rxd7          a5
23. Rc7            Resigns

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