Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Open Chess Night 071816 Brings Four New Members!

Everyone has a favorite chess set! What's yours?
Surprises and a fun night of chess were had tonight at LCCC. We had a total of eleven players show up tonight that included three new members, one guest from California and one "old" young player - Scott M - who had not been at the chess club in a while due to work hours.

We would like to give a shout out to the new members of LCCC - Petro K, Ed U and Roger F. Welcome gentlemen!

We also had a childhood friend of Don J's - Kevin - who stopped in all the way from California. He fit right in and got right in and played some outstanding chess - and more importantly - had a fun time. Stop back in next time you are in the 'neighborhood' Kevin!

 Next week will resume our Fischer Random 960 tournament, but don't worry folks. There will be 'regular' chess opponents hanging around looking for a game - so come on by!

And readers, be sure to check out the LCCC Hall of Fame on the right side of this blog. Congratulations to Americo and Marcello Milani!

Here is the pairings for next week's tournament action. The player with White is listed first:

Board 1: Jason M - Vince V
Board 2: Gene M - Ken T (postponed until August 1)
Board 3: Mike N - Roy M
Board 4: Americo M - Don J
Board 5: Marcello M - Paul M
Board 6: Sam T - Luca M
Board 7: Larry W - Luigi M

Your humble scribe will be around with the 'app' to randomly give you your piece starting positions. In Fischer Random 960 chess - your back rank of pieces are 'mixed up', taking the opening book knowledge out of the game.

Next article will feature a 960 game played at the club for your amusement and amazement! Well, it will be interesting to look at at least.
White to move and win!

Until then, here is a puzzle taken from a game played by GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov vs IM Alexander Chernlaev in the 60th anniversary of the Wijk ann Zee GM Tournament, held in the Netherlands in 1998.

White to move and (for GM's - and most players) win!

For you less experienced players out there, it is more important that you see White's positional advantage - BEFORE deciding a move - more than figuring out the best move.

But one will lead you to the other. But try and figure out why White has an advantage right now.