Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Casual Chess Night 061316 in New Room - Next Week Too!

We had nine players find the temporary new room the Senior Center found for us.

The Hartland Senior Band took over our room for their Summer Concert Series for the next two weeks. In addition the Girls of Hartland Dance Club took over our back up room (where our equipment is stored!) as a dressing room. So we had only the equipment we brought.

Black to move and win!
What your humble scribe is trying to say is that we will be in Room 18 next week also. It is best to enter from the main entrance and park on that side (south side) at the front of the building. Walk straight thru the Main Entrance to the second right and we are the first room on the right.

Using our usual Senior Center entrance on the west side of the building will give you a long walk.

Signs were posted showing our location, but it was not the easiest thing to figure out.

We had two guests show up tonight and play. They are on their way to California to go to college and could not 'join' the Club at this time. That's still wonderful you stopped by for an evening of chess fun. We welcome you back when you are in town.

Due to the room change, our Tournament Director Ken T decided to delay the start of our Fischer Random 960 tournament by one week.

So it will be a 'casual' chess night next week with our 960 Tournament starting on June 27. This is always a fun event so be sure to enter next week or be here at 6pm to make sure to get registered on Tournament Start Night.

I leave you with a puzzle to figure out. Black to move and win!


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