Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Casual Chess Monday 041116 had Eleven Players

"Nimzowitsch Defense? Whatever dude!"
We did have one LCCC Club Championship make-up game. Ken T and Luke S drew their match. Nice game guys.

The rest of us played some casual chess and discussed upcoming tournaments found in the Michigan Chess Association chess calendar - that can be found on the right side of this blog.

I present a lively game played last week in the Club Championship.

1. e4     Nc6
2. Nf3     d6
3. d4      Nf3
4. Nc3     Bg4
Black plays the Williams variation of the Nimzowitsch Defense (so Stockfish says).

5. Be3     a6
6. h3      Bxf3
7. Qxf3      e5
8. d5      Ne7?!
Too passive for Black. Better was 8. ....Nd4 (.5 lead for White instead the now 1.8),

9. Bd3     Ng6
Black is overloading the king-side, so White should consider queen-side castling. Black's cramped position would restrict any real threat to White on that side.

10. a4?     Nh4
11. Qg3     Nh5
12. Qg4     Nf4
The Black knights look scarier than they are. The simple 13. Bf1 holds well (.7 of a pawn still for White).
13. Bxf4     exf4  [consider 13. .....h5]
14. O-O     Ng6?
This natural looking move is too passive. 14. .....g5! keeps the pressure on White. (.4 instead of .8)

15. Ne2      Qf6?
Now 15. .....h5! is called for and not just a consideration. White is now up over a pawn positionally (1.2)
Position after Black played 15. .....Qf6?

16. c3?      .........

This is the first outright blunder of the game. White leaves his bishop unprotected as the Black knight eyes the e5 square with 16. ....Ne5! 17. Qxf4, Nxd3 18. Qxf6, gxf6 (-2.2 for Black).

16. ......       h5?
17. Qf3?     Ne5
White blunders again after Black gave him a reprieve. 17. Qf5 gives White the advantage (.6), instead of the text which has Black up (-2.2).

18. Qxf4     Nxd3
19. Qd2      Nc5
20. Nd4     Be7
21. Rae1?     O-O?!
Pawn grabbing with 21. .....Nxa4  was perfectly fine here.

22. a5       Rae8
23. b4         Nd7
24. Re3      Ne5?
This natural looking move makes the knight a target for the f-pawn and allows White counter play with a strong center. 24. ......Qf4 was best.

25. Qe2       g6
26. f4        Nd7
White to move after Black made move #26.

 Position after 26. .......Nd7
 What is the best move for White?

27. Kh2?    .......
A time waster as you will see shortly.

The direct 27. e5! reduces Black's advantage from the current (-2.3 to -1.6).

27. ......      Qg7
28. Qd3     .........
White misses 28. Nf5 as the knight is immune from capture due to 28. .....gxf5? 29. Rg3! and Black's Queen is pinned!

28. ......       Kh8
 The move 28. ....Bf6 makes the game easier for Black.

29. Kg1      Bf6
30. Nf3      Re7
31. Rfe1      Rfe8
32. Qc4      Nb8?! [Nf1 was better]
33. Qe2??      Bxc3   [-5]

White resigns

A very entertaining game!

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