Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Casual Chess Monday 081715 – and Think Fall Chess League

LCCC at the Howell MelonFest was fun for young and old!

A little tired, but no worse for wear, eight regular LCCC players were on hand for some chess action, and to re-hash our fun weekend at the Howelll MelonFest.

One new member joined the club tonight. He learned about us from someone who was at the MelonFest, saw our booth and told him about us. Word of mouth is usually our best recruiter. 
Welcome Joshua R to LCCC!

Well, we are officially in the dog days of summer. Final summer activities and vacations are being planned and done. The start of the school year is now visible on the horizon.
This is a notoriously slow time for chess. After all, especially in Michigan, one must get outside when one can and enjoy the good weather.
But as fall approaches, let’s make plans to have some fun activities when the weather is no longer as friendly to those who venture out into it.

One of the best events held at LCCC is our Chess League! – which starts in late September and can run until Christmas or into the spring, depending on the number of entries. 
Now before you panic about that long of a commitment, the League games are only on EVERY OTHER WEEK (or two weeks sometimes avoiding holidays). So that way you don’t have to be at the club every week if you don’t want to be.

This is a super fun event because Teams are formed according to player strength, making every team competitive. The team forming is done much like a Fantasy League draft.

For instance, most of the time four – person teams are formed with an A, B, C and D ranked player on each team. Then when the Teams are paired for a match, players play only the people in their ranking group!
This makes every game and every match competitive! Every game is fun and exciting because it means something - every single round. And you are playing someone of equal talent so your chances are good – if you play well.

This is a great way to get better at chess and at the same time meet nearly everyone in the chess club. And of course this great League is free to all to join!

Make plans now to join the best chess experience out there this fall – the 2015 LCCC Chess League.

White to move and win!
And for you chess players wanting to get the full tournament chess experience – The 2015 Michigan Open will be in Lansing Michigan on September 4 thru the 7th. This is always a great event with an added Speed Tournament to enter, and a beginner’s tournament also as an option.
Check out the Michigan Chess Association link on this site.

Now find the best move!

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