Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beginners Corner - 080514 - and Another Good Night at LCCC

We finished up the 3rd round of the 960 Tournament tonight. Gene M. won his game.
The last round starts next week! The final round posting and 3rd round standing will be published soon.

We also had a 1st place Ladder Game with Vince V defeating Mike N to keep the top spot!
Nice job Vince! That game will be making an appearance here soon.

But until then, here is an entertaining game our Summer League. It has a host of lessons for beginners in it. But the biggest lesson is in the title – don’t ever quit! Ever!

Sam T gets behind early but gets a chance to turn the tables when given the opportunity. In chess – all you need sometimes is ONE chance to go on the attack.

Sam does that in this game. Enjoy the wild ride!

1. e4    e5
2. d3   Nf6
3. Nf3   Bc5?
This gives a pawn away as White can simply play Nxe5. Never play your openings automatically. Opponents make mistakes. If they don’t – you can’t win. But they will and it is up to you to look for them.

4. Be3?!   ……
This allows doubled pawns, which is usually not a good thing. But these are center pawns and if White has a plan in mind with the strong pawn center and the half open f-file, maybe it won’t be a bad thing.

4. ……     Bxe3
5.  fxe3   O-O
6.  Nxe5?  ……
This move is too late now. This gives Black almost a half pawn lead (-.4) after 6. ….Qe7, 7. Nf3, Qb4+ 8. Nbd2, Re8 9. Qc1, d5 10. exd5, Rxe3+. The move played leave White with only a small lead, even with a pawn to the good.

6.  ……    Re8
7.  Nf3      d5
8.  e5      Ng4
9.  d4?    Bf5?
White’s 9th move loses a pawn to Nxe3. Black misses it – the first time.

10. g3??    ……..
Now it is worse for White. 10. Qd2! Gives White a (1.4) lead in the game and not the losing game (-4.5) he ends up with. Watch this.

10. …..    Nxe3
11. Qd2   Nxc2+
12. Kf2    Nxa1
13. Bd3    Be4
14. Qe3?  ........

After 14. Qe3.......  Black to move.
White’s last move allows the even trade now. White is in dire straits down so much material. All Black has to do now is develop his pieces and trade down to an easy win
14. ......    Ne2!
15. Qd2    Bxd3
16. Qxd3   Nb4
17. Qf5     Nxa2?
Greedy. White’s queen heads for the Black king and Black’s only fully developed piece moves away from the action. Black needed 17. ….  g6, attacking the queen immediately and it moves Black’s lead to (-9.3)! Instead, Black is now positionally losing big but still winning due to the material advantage(-4.3). But Black has given up the equivalent of a knight or a bishop - positionally - by taking a pawn!

18. Ng5!   …….
A knight and queen near your King is always a dangerous situation!
White continues with the attack and the counter play he has been allowed. Since he can’t win any material back right now, attacking IS his best option. Maybe his opponent won’t defend properly. When losing, attacking rather than defending sometimes is the best play. Defense by attacking!

18. …..    f6??? 
Sometimes winning a won game is the hardest thing to do. Black blunders into a forced mate in three! Sam takes care of business - stealing a win from a lost game a few moves ago.

19. Qxh7+   Kf8
20. Qh8+    Ke7
21. Qxg7++  

Never - ever - quit!

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