Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beginners Corner 072714 – Develop or Push Pawns?

Here is a win by Luigi M early in our Summer League. It is entertaining because of some “knight dancing”, and educating from an opening and middle game perspective. Let’s take a look:

1. e4    e5
2. Nf3   d6
3. Nc3   Bg4
4. d3   Be7
5. Be2   h6
6. Be3   Nf6
7. a4?!    g5?

A4 is a waste of time. 7. d4, controlling the center was more to the point. A4 evens the game. But 7. …g5 opens Black’s Kingside for no reason (+1.4). Who controls the center, usually controls the game,

8. b4    d5
9. Nxe5   Bxe2
10. Nxe2   Bxb4+
11. Bd2   Qd6
12. Bxb4    Qxb4+
13. c3    Qd6
White to make move #14.
14. Nf3?

14. Qb1! This would put pressure on Black, attacking the queen-side and keeping White’s center-placed knight in Black’s face. Now Black is winning with 14. .Nc6 (-.8).
Always look for attacking or pressuring moves. Whenever possible, make your opponent squirm or at least worry about your move.

14. …..    de
15. de    Qxd1+
16. Rxd1   Nxe4
17. O-O    O-O
18. Rd4   Nc5

This starts the Knight’s Dance.
19. Rfd1   Nc6
20. Rc4    Ne6
21. Rb1    Na5
22. Re4    Nc5
23. Re5   b6
24. Ra1   Nc6 ?!
Black, as with move #14, fails to develop his pieces to build his advantage. Rae8 (-2) is better than Nc6 (-1.8). Try and get your entire army involved in both the attacks and defense plans. Soldiers on the sidelines are the same as not there. 

25. Rf5    Rae8
26. Nd4    Nxd4
27. Nxd4   Nd3 ?!
28. Nc2?   ……..
27. …a5 or Nxa4 keeps the advantage at (-1.7) and not drop it to (-1). 28. h4 frees the A1 rook from the back rank mate defender role and allows him more scope. The white knight is not protected on c2. You should strive to keep a re-capture option on all your pieces.

28. ……    Re2
29. Ne3   Re8?!
Now Black develops when 29. ….Nxf2, 30. Rxf2, Rxe3 wins a pawn immediately.

30. Kf1   Rb2
31. Rd5?   Rxf2+
32. Kg1   Rxe3
33. Rxd3   Rxd3
34. Kxf2   Rxc3
And White resigned shortly.

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