Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Great Turn Out at the LCCC!

Fourteen players tonight, some old acquaintances re-kindled, some past acquaintances remembered, and some current acquaintances found out they had a similar passion. Some players returned….to the new location. It was a very interesting evening.

Let’s keep it rolling. The more the merrier! Plenty of room for more.

The players were;

Aaron J.
Don J.
Jim G.
Ken L.
Ken T.
Kevin O.
Matt O.
Mike K.
Mike N.
Scott M.
Terry G.
Vince V.

And a special welcome to two new players;

John D.
Yves N.

Just a reminder to all chess players and chess playing wanna-bes; several members of this chess club are ready, willing and able to provide free chess instruction or lessons on Monday night too. So stop on by.


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